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5 tips for phone sex due to coronavirus


5 tips for phone sex due to coronavirus

If you are in a long-distance relationship or you are separated due to coronavirus from your sex partner or Golden diamond escorts, you know very well how this situation is, with its pros and cons. It is rather a myth that all long-distance relationships are doomed to separation, because I can list many cases of acquaintances and friends who have successfully passed this whole test.

The biggest dangers of such a relationship, in my opinion, are: jealousy, lack of trust, grumbling, and especially routine.

The latter is a great enemy for a couple who are miles apart. There are times when the routine is so overwhelming for both of you that you forget that you are a couple and you have to say something sweet to each other, but also to share your sexual fantasies and needs.

And here’s where you need to give both bases, otherwise there’s a chance the thing will stagnate.

Really, how do you do with phone sex?

Do you find it silly and embarrassing or is it something you want to try? In any case, you will do well to incorporate it into the new reality of your relationship and maintain intimacy and sexuality with the other half.

In the meantime, you can check out these cunning games you can play here to give more interest!

So below are 5 tips to have the best phone sex if coronavirus separates you!

1. Get in the mood

It is not easy to get an appetite for phone sex out of nowhere. So before making this call, make sure you have the necessary preparation that will put you in the mood.

It is important to be in a room that inspires you, to lock the door so that no one can “catch” you in the leeks or to interrupt you, to lie down comfortably in bed, to have very low lighting (and candles do the job them) and make the music you like play.

You can also see a little porn to create the right atmosphere. From there, relax completely, let go and allow your conversation to flow on its own wherever it wants.

2. Description plays a big role

You must not forget for a moment that unfortunately you are not next to your partner at this stage and while you are talking you cannot see how he or she is looking at you, in order to judge his or her reactions, or to feel him or her.

Because everything depends on what you say to each other, you understand that you have to be incredibly detailed and inform him or her about what you are doing. Tell him how you feel, if you are touched and where, how much you are enlightened by what he tells you and of course be as specific as possible in describing your imagination.

Obviously I don’t mean to take him or her alone, of course there should be a dialogue between you asking if he or she likes what he or she hears or how he or she would proceed below…

3. In SOS the dirty talk

Basically, if you don’t tell each other dirty talk, phone sex doesn’t exist. If it’s to embarrass your man, don’t do better and tell your news, so for a change # nooo. When I say you have to be more descriptive and – or you die and put fantasy and eroticism in what you say, I mean it. Get ready to talk like a porn star or an escort, because otherwise the phone sex will go wrong.

For example, do not say “vulva“, but the other well-known word that has the same meaning, but definitely another effect! The same goes for the “penis” of course.

In general, do not prefer the circular terms, but the more rude ones, because the purpose is not to highlight your knowledge in anatomy and the sexual sphere, but to ignite the other. All of this seems obvious, but with some you can never be sure.

4. Nice audio track, but what about the optics?

It may be called phone sex because you use the phone to do it, but fortunately for all of us we don’t live in the ’80s, but in 2020 when technology thrives. Phone sex, then, is successful when the headset is combined with the visual part.

You can start with a regular discussion, but then I think it’s necessary to turn it into a video call, so that they can now see each other and ignite the passion. Don’t regret it there, be as sexy and revealing as possible and / or you can and you won’t regret it.

5. Masturbation is one way for both

I think that after so much talk with hints, dirty talking and fantasies that you will have shared, it is inevitable that you are in the mood to be self-satisfied. It’s your choice whether to do it over the phone or in a video call, but the only sure thing is that you have to do it at the same time.

Build the discussion so that if it is possible to reach orgasm at the same time and of course neither of them should be ashamed to react as he thinks on the climax. Have fun!

Y.G. Make sure you charge your cell phone beforehand. I don’t think you want to be just before the climax and be stopped by a notification that will let you know that you have 10% battery left…

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How can SEO help your business


How can SEO help your business

You might have heard about the benefits that SEO companies can offer to businesses. We know that SEO seems difficult and complex, especially for someone who does not have any previous knowledge about digital marketing. I you happen to come across SEO companies in the internet, but you still do not understand how they work, you are in the right place.

What is SEO?

SEO is short for search engine optimization, and its role is to help your company get higher rates online and improve your online visibility. A website which is using even the most basic SEO will have many benefits, including more traffic, better rating, more sales and exposure.

A SEO company and its members have all the knowledge needed to ameliorate your website and basically bring you more profits. The SEO teams, will offer you proposals and plans about the various ways to improve your webpages. Cooperating with them and trusting the process will definitely pay you off.

The SEO company needs time to get to know you, your website and your philosophy, so that eventually you will get the best results possible. Furthermore, the results of the optimization are not visible immediately, so make sure to be patient.

How can SEO improve your business?

Either you own a company, a small shop or an online shop (e-shop) without a store with a physical address, you should be using SEO services. What a SEO company will propose, is to reconstruct or make a few corrections to your webpage, so that you will be able to benefit from its services.

The more optimized your website is, the more chances you have to appear at the first, top organic results of search engines like Google. This will happen by using a combination of keywords and for example mostly searched products if you own an e-shop. The experts of each company will guide your site to success, as they know the ways to bring traffic to your website.

By using social media, analytics, questionnaires, different content and many more, the SEO company will bring your website to the top search engine results, meaning that it will be optimized.

If you wanted to take your chances and invest on s SEO company, now you know how much it will help you, and which benefits you will get from it. Not all SEO companies work with the same manner, but most of them will be able to improve your rankings online and help you be visible in online searches.

Colourful nail trends of 2020


Colourful nail trends 2020

We know that you might be going through a lot during the spring of 2020, but we are sure that the colourful nail trends of 2020 will definitely make your day. You don’t need any special tools or equipment, just use your imagination and a few colourful nail polishes. Be ready to use your beauty skills.

The spring of 2020 has found the vast majority of people in lockdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic. This means that we don’t really have somewhere to go, but we all know that a manicure can make you feel treated and renewed. Grab your manicure supplies and get ready to create art on your nails!

How to create the colourful nail trends 2020

You are going to need some sponges, polishes in various colours and some pieces of tape. It is not obligatory, but you could also use small crystals for embellishment. Begin by filling your nails to your desired length and shape, cut your cuticles carefully and apply your base coat. Next up, there are some colourful ideas you could try.

You could create an ombre effect on your nails, by using the sponges we mentioned earlier. Begin by applying the darker colour at the base of your nail and start incorporating the next colours before the polish dries. You can use as many colours as you like! Just coat it with top coat to give it some shine and it is ready!

Another idea is to put a thin strip of tape in the middle of your nail and paint each side of the nail with a different colour. You can rotate the tape in each nail so it will look more like shapes and blocks of colours and not plain lines.

Lastly, you could jazz up your plain beige manicure -which let’s be honest has become a little bit boring. Start by painting your nails beige or white and then create little dots of colour. They can be at the base of your nails or anywhere you like. Apply top coat and you are done!

Last but not least, you could go for a bold colour, same in every nail. Try an intense yellow or blue, that will make you look like you got out of a 70’s magazine!

You could really change your mood by trying to put colour in your life. Try incorporating beauty routines and colourful notes in your everyday life and you will immediately see yourself  and your mood changing.

US unemployment rate rises


US unemployment rate rises

Unemployment rates in the United States of America have not always been low, as in the past years the number of unemployment people presented variations. The unemployment rate rises in the US, reaching the number of 6,6% of the States’ population, as the coronavirus hits the States.

In 2012 the unemployment rate in the US was significantly high, as it had reached 11,2% in California, 8,5% in the US. In the next few years, it presented a decline, during which California had a rate of 4,4% and the States 4,1%. After they managed to lower the rates after the economic crisis, the United States were hit by another disaster regarding their economy in March 2020.

The spread of the coronavirus has lead to many businesses shutting down, leaving their former employees without income. These people have been left without a source of money, so it is pretty hard for them to survive, especially during this time, when the health system is being tested.

During the past weeks, the number of people enrolling as unemployed in the United States, rose again. More than 26 million of American civilians have claimed unemployment. This number is approximately 15% of the United States’ workforce. People from all kinds of work backgrounds have lost their jobs, have been fired or their businesses were shut down until further notice.

The government of the US has taken some measures to ease its citizens, including the delay of the taxes’ payment, giving away funds to support businesses that have shut down due to the mandatory 30-day closing, and of course as far as banks are concerned, the slashing of their interest rates.

The recovery of the businesses, corporations and small shops, as well as the unemployed people is blurry, as the most important thing for now is public health and the protection of the vulnerable populations, not only in the United States, but worldwide too.